Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review of Agam by Stuart Masters & Rishi Ranjan in Taplas Magazine no. 176 (HFHCD011)

Here is the full text of Gabrielle Ashton's review:

These two highly skilled musicians join forces with this recording that is a synthesis of eastern melody and western harmony with their own unique slant. Rishi Ranjan fuses his virtuoso classical Indian sarode playing with with Stuart Masters' American and European influenced folk guitar, violin and middle eastern oud. The union of these artists is an exciting collaboration which yields some really exhilarating moments. Although one or two tracks meander a bit slowly, Agam really gathers pace with some vibrant musical experimentation and catchy rhythms. By the time you reach It's Rising the dynamic duo reach a frenzied crescendo that sends ecstatic tingles up and down your spine. This is an innovative meeting of musical genres that has many changes of style, tempo and mood. Some hit the spot more than others but overall an original and enticing album.

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