Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Navacross - All The Way Home R2 4 star review!

Here's the full text of Steve Caseman's review in the March / April 2013 R2:

'The first thing that strikes you on listening to Navacross' follow-up to their eponymous debut album is the superior production job; the second thing is the confident delivery.
Although their debut was a fine release, All The Way Home sounds more coherent, focused and represents a huge leap forward for the Essex based four-piece. This time around, the band is wearing its r'n'b influences more prominently on its sleeve, with occasional musical excursions elsewhere - the soul infused ballad 'This Situation', the country roots of 'Clowns' and the acoustic blues/skiffle fusion of closer 'Lazy Days'.
Thankfully they eschew the recent fashion to turn electric blues into heavy metal-lite; their version of blues, with elements of Americana roots, neatly avoids a lot of hot air in the shape of overblown solos or unnecessary volume. Instead they carefully traverse their own musical landscape, with harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, double bass and drums used to perfection on tracks like opener 'Overload' and the sublime 'Get me Outta Here'.'

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